John B. Miller & Friends

This is a group made up of professional and semi-professional musicians from diverse performing backgrounds. Throughout the year, we perform together in various forms for private events in south-western Ontario. In recent years, John B. Miller & Friends has come together to produce and perform a concert series during Advent (leading up to Christmas), and one during Lent (leading up to Easter). The concerts have garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews. In 2012, we performed one concert at St. Louis Church in Waterloo, and in the 2019 Advent series, the schedule had grown to 12 shows at different venues around the region.

Sadly, we were unable to produce our shows for a couple of years due to circumstances beyond our control, but now we’re very happy to resume our regular schedule of concerts!

We’re very thankful to the thousands of people that have come out to share our music with us over the past decade! It has been, and continues to be our pleasure and honour to be welcomed into these beautiful venues to play some very meaningful music. We hope to see you at one of our shows!

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Here is a montage of some songs we recorded live during Lent reflection at Basilica of Our Lady, in Guelph:

Please browse some samples of our Advent shows (all tracks recorded live, in concert)…
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